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    We believe a company is only as good as its talent.
    We are looking for creative, fun and friendly people who strive for success and share our enthusiasm.

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    Open Positions:

    Job description

    You will be responsible for all the aspects of DentlyTec’s products. You will lead the system design combining HW (optics, mechanics, electrical), SW (drivers, Application, Deep learning) and ALG (Calibrations, Image processing, computer vision) into one multidisciplinary product. You will be involved in all the product life cycle including Patents, POCs, Design, production, regulations and real-world usage of all DentlyTec’s products for different customers and markets. You will be part of the project management team in order to deliver high performance products on time.


    • Significant experience in development of multidisciplinary products
    • Fast learner with broad view and ability to manage professionals from different technologies
    • B.Sc in Electrical Engineering or equivalent (M.Sc.- an advantage)
    • Team player, independent, creative, problem solving approach.
    • Familiar with Electrical board design and Mechanical parts design – an advantage
    • Familiar with optics and thermal simulations – an advantage
    • Familiar with Verilog and drivers code – an advantage

    Job description

    You will be responsible for all the SW aspects in the company and lead SW developers developing across the full stack (Device drivers, OS kernel, C/C++ libraries, GUI framework, dental application and cloud processing). You will also integrate algorithms for 3D vision based on images and fused with information of additional sensors, to provide high accuracy models to the user. You will lead full design cycle includes finding solutions, code design, implementation, review and optimization for speed. You will develop in the fields of high end desktop professional application as well as smartphone consumer application. The implementation is done in every tool needed to get a full working product.


    • B.Sc. in Computer Sciences or equivalent relevant experience
    • Significant experience in creating a full stack product from HW to GUI
    • Experience in management of a large and diverse team
    • Team player & independent, initiative and creative.
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